Anandbhairav Ras (Jwar) – the side effect free treatment for fever, diarrhea and much more

health-issuesYou might have aware with the fact that antivirals and chemical based drugs can give you side effects. Have you ever thought why you do not get rid of your health issues from its root even after taking so many medicines? Why your headache, fever come again and again and disturb your life? This is because antivirals and drugs only suppress the virus or your health issues for some time, not cure it from its roots. Along with these, they make your immune system weak and give you side effects. Due to a weak immune system, the viruses and diseases attack you again and again.

medicines-and-syringeNow, you might be thinking if antivirals are not the permanent cure then you have to suffer in pain and deal with different types of health issues. But no, you do not need to deal with pain because Ayurveda is here for you. Yes, Ayurveda has the ability to cure your health issues of its roots. Today, we are going to tell you an amazing ayurvedic medicine that is completely side effects free and can cure fever, diarrhea and much more. So, the name is anandbairav ras which is a completely safe solution for a number of health issues such as fever, diarrhea and many others.

anandbhrav-rasAnandbairav ras is used in the treatment of acute and chronic fever, diarrhea, rheumatic fever, rheumatic arthritis, urinary calculus, urinary tract disorders. It is beneficial for all kapha, vata and pitta disorders. Anandbairav Ras contains natural herbs in its preparation such as kajjali, loha bhasma, tamra bhasma, sunthi, shuddha tankana, danti mool, marica, pipplai, surana and vamsha. It is also used for curing bleeding and non-bleeding piles. All these natural herbs make it a perfect ayurvedic medicine for fever, diarrhea and for many other health illnesses. Let’s see how these herbs help to make you healthy.

Pippali -:

pippaliPippali is one of the common ingredients used in the preparation of Anandbairav. This natural herb has a number of health benefits. It has great digestive stimulant properties that help to improve your digestion and also cure your digestive problems. It is also beneficial in the treatment of chronic fever. It helps to lower down the high temperature of the body. It is also beneficial for the circulatory system, respiratory system, nervous system and reproductive system.

Danti Mool -:

dantimoolDanti mool is another natural herb used in various health issues.  It acts as a blood purifier which helps to remove the toxins from the blood. It helps to treat diarrhea and other stomach problems. The powerful antipyretic properties of danti mool are used to treat fever. It has anti-inflammatory properties also which are used to reduce inflammation. It relieves constipation and also used in piles treatment.

Now, you might have understood that Anandbairav ras is one of the best ayurvedic medicine to cure a number of health issues such as fever, diarrhea, digestive disorders, respiratory problems and many others. All the natural ingredients present in the Anandbairav ras help to cure the health issues as well as make you a healthy person. If you want to try this medicine, you need to consult an ayurvedic doctor first. The recommended dosage of this medicine is 1-2 tablets in the morning and evening with butter milk or as directed by the physician.

anand-bharwa-rasWhile taking Anandbairav ras you need to remember that your diet should be restricted with wheat, torai, papaya, suran and bathua. Other foods items you need to avoid are pulses, meat, curd, fish, green peas, oils and chilies. If you follow all these rules, you will get startling results.

We all know that these days, a number of health issues, diseases and viruses live all around us and can attack us anytime. Antivirals or antibiotics can never cure these viruses. Fever, headache, cold, cough and stomach problems are very common health issues that can affect you at any time. So, you need to take some preventive steps to protect yourself from these diseases. If you get any health issues such as fever or any other stomach problems, try Anandbairav ras. It will cure them as well as provide you a healthy body.


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