Effective Natural Treatments for Constipation

Constipation is one of the very common bowel linked issues among the people. This is a kind of situation where person experiences infrequent bowel movement and hard to defecate stool. A person who defecate stool less than 3 times a week can be categorized as constipation. Experts do believe that constipation is a very common cause of painful defecation. Constipation is not itself a disease but it could be the sign of certain health related issues. There are numbers of treatment options do exist that can be used to get rid of constipation but if you don’t choose the right treatment than you might get certain adverse effects that can worse your constipation. The best thing that you can pursue to manage your constipation is going for the home remedies or natural treatment. Here in this article we are going to discuss about the major natural ingredients and methods that can immensely help you to manage the condition of constipation.

Keep your Body Hydratedhydration

You might don’t know but inadequate amount of water in your body can lead to the emergence of constipation. The less water in your body means your stool will not get soften. Lack of water, your digestive system may also not work. So, adequate amount of water will definitely help you to soften your stool and you will easily defecate.

Increase Fiber Intake

Insufficient amount of fiber in the body can cause severe constipation because lack of fiber the digestive tract generally doesn’t work properly. Having sufficient quantity of fiber enables your body to soften up hard stool and makes it easy to defecate.

Quit sedentary lifestylequit-sedentary-lifestyle

One of the very common reasons for being constipated is living a sedentary lifestyle. In order to fight up better from constipation the first thing you need to know that you will have to quit inactive lifestyle.

Consumption of Beans

Beans are extremely rich in soluble fiber which is very well known for the elimination of constipation. Soluble fiber helps to keep stool soft and proteins found in beans repair the damage tissues of the bowel.


You might not know but yogurt as great amount of good living organism called lactobacillus which is very essential for your guts. It not only aids your bowel complications but has great influence in treating constipation.


Many people do believe that using lemon for the treatment of constipation could be very effective as it acts as a cleansing agent for your bowel. It has great amount of vitamin C that can sooth your bowel movement and simultaneously soften your hard stool.

Flax seeds

Flax seed is a great herb that holds the power of fiber. It has other essential nutrients too that which can improve your entire digestive tract.


Senna is a great herb that is used to treat the complications of constipation. Not only it helps to manage constipation but if you consume it on regular basis then it will stimulate your liver function.

Castor oil

Caster oil is very well known for improving the function of your digestive tract and improves bowel movement.


Since honey has laxative properties, it is extremely necessary for you to use honey if you better want to manage the condition of constipation.

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