The Ayurvedic Treatment for Diarrhea- AntiMot plus Tablet

Remembering those halcyon days is always a soothing feeling when you used to be fit and healthy, free of lassitude state of mind. The time has changed now; those days have gone when you used to enjoy the extravagant feeling of ecstasy. It’s time now to introspect and recall the lapses you made which triggered onerous complications in your body. You should go through thorough introspection and find out the ways, which according to you will be soothing to your body. Friends, some amicable things are there to help, they are available but far from your reach, the reason being, you are deprived of taking advantage of it.

anti-moto-plus-tabletToday we are going to have a close look at an Ayurvedic medicine called Antimot plus tablet. Before digging deep into the deep core of this medicine let’s discuss one of the most common stomach problems of all time and is prevalent across the world. Diarrhea, a sore point of your stomach is a condition of your stomach where your bowel movement erupts abruptly, increase in the frequency of bowel movement which forces you to clear your stomach every now and then. In this condition your feces are loose and watery, often causing a little bit of pain with a sensation of twitch and up to 7-8 bowel movements in a day. It can be considered as one of the most common reasons to seek medical advice, sometimes reason of hospital visits.

diarrheaThe severity of this condition may range from mild, moderate to well ahead near severe. Although the severe cases of diarrhea are rare they are in existence and may cause upheaval in your stomach as well as in your life. When it comes to its symptoms, bloating in your belly, stomach cramps, twitch in the stomach, watery stools, very thin and loose stools as like the water coming out of the body along with some kind of wastes, nausea, the urgent feeling of relinquishing stools.

causes-of-diarrheaIf the condition is severe, the symptoms may advance such as blood in your stools, weight loss, fever and to name a few. Severe cases of diarrhea are always life-threatening and often needs medical attention, unlike the mild condition where it may heal on its own or if required, some over the counter medicines are there to help you with that kind of moderate diarrhea. It is being advised, before taking over the counter medication, consult your medical practitioner first because he is the only one who can tell you the pros and cons of any of over the counter medicines.

medicinesAllopathic medicines are effective but they bring some sort of side effects with them as well, which if triggered may put you in extremely pesky condition. There are many reasons which trigger diarrhea in your body; some of those factors are a disease of the intestine, laxative abuse, diabetes, some sort of medicines, foods which upset your stomach, hyperthyroidism, Infection of your stomach and much more causes. These are the reason for any kind of diarrhea which if not treated may evolve in the advanced stage and may be life-threatening to you. It is always imperative to have a close look at what is going inside your body which will give you an exact idea of what you should do in order to prevent this kind of complication from advancing. Inadvertent attitude towards your stomach or overall health may cost you in the longer run.

ingredientsAntimot plus tablet an Ayurvedic medicine which is prepared according to the books of scriptures which was scripted and superannuated as old as 5000 years. Ayurveda finds its deep roots in India, hence any Ayurvedic medicine is being prepared by using herbs found in Indian subcontinent. Antimot plus tablet can be used in the treatment of diarrhea diseases and its symptoms. This medicine is prepared by using herbs such as Palash Gond, Sounf, Pudina, Bail, Kattha, Medicinal Ahiphen etc.

dosage-of-tabletTake this medicine thrice a day and the dose amount should be two tablets per takings. This medicine may help in mitigating signs and symptoms caused by the various form of diarrhea. It may help in mitigating the pain caused by diarrhea, the twitching sensation could also be cured if used this medicine as per prescription of the doctor. The feeling of bloating is also one of the most common symptoms which make you feel ill but if you start using this medicine, there will be no room for any of these kinds of complications in your body. It may also help in regulating the bowel movement, may tighten your stools so that you could feel improved while relinquishing stools out of your body.

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