The role of Drakshasva (SPL.) in improving digestion

digestion1A healthy digestion is the only key to a healthy body. An unhealthy diet and lifestyle can make your digestion weak and cause several health issues such as constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, pain, stomach cramps and heartburn. So, the question is how to get rid of these digestive problems naturally? Is there any natural way of improving the digestion? We have the answers for all these questions. To get the answer, you need to read the next lines.

drakshasava-baidyanathDrakshasva is an ayurvedic medicine as well as a tonic which is widely used to cure digestive problems naturally without dealing with any side effects.  As a tonic, it is useful for strength, debility after fever or chronic diseases and general fatigue. As a medicine, Drakshasva helps to treat piles, gas, irritable bowel syndrome, cough, jaundice, breathing troubles, headache, anemia and feeling of restlessness. It mainly works on the symptoms like debility, physical weakness and restlessness. Let’ see the health benefits of Drakshasva for a healthy digestion.

Fatigue and Debility 

postpartum-fatigueDrakshasva for a healthy digestion is one of the effective ayurvedic medicines. It is more suitable for the people with PITTA body type or PITTA aggravation. However, it increases secretion of PITTA in the stomach and bile salts from the liver but it also helps its elimination. Thus, it helps to reduce the PITTA aggravation too. Actually, Drakshasva restores the natural functions of PITTA in the body. It increases strength and treats weakness and debility that occur after fever.


constipation2The main ingredient of Drakshasva is raisin that has mild laxative properties that stimulate bile from the lever which goes to the intestine and induces peristalsis. This process naturally helps to improve liver function, digestion and bowel movements. Thus, if you are suffering from constipation, try Drakshasva.

Bile insufficiency and Poor Appetite 

poor-appetiteLet me tell you that bile insufficiency is not a disease but it represents malfunctions of liver and gallbladder. It leads to poor digestion and loss of appetite. Some patients also feel burning sensation in the abdomen which is due to bile insufficiency. Well, in these cases, Drakshasva helps to increases bile secretion and restores its natural functions which improve your digestion, liver functions and reduce indigestion.


belchingBelching or burping is also a common digestive health issue. It is a normal reflex for expelling excess air from the stomach. In some cases, it becomes excessive and sometimes annoying. Drakshasva helps to reduce the excess air in the alimentary canal and reduce excessive belching.

Above, we have discussed the health benefits of Drakshasva. Now, you might be thinking what makes Drakshasva so effective to cure the digestive problems. So, the powerful medicinal properties and natural ingredients make Drakshasva, a powerful ayurvedic medicine and tonic. Drakshasva is prepared of a number of natural herbs such as dry grapes, honey, water for kashayam, sugar, long pepper fruit, cicca acida, clove, jasmine officinale, cinnamon and cardamom. Now, we are going to tell you the right dosage of this ayurvedic medicine.

Dosage of Drakshasva

dosage-4The recommended dosage of Drakshasva is 12-24 ml. one or two times a day after the food. If needed, you can mix it with an equal quantity of water. Many people ask how long this medicine can be used. So, it depends on the problems for which you are taking Drakshasva. In conditions like loss of appetite, debility or fatigue, the medicine can be sufficient for a month. In chronic diseases like chronic constipation, piles, anemia, abdominal diseases, chronic low- grade fever, you can take it for a longer period or at least for 3 months. There are no known side effects of this ayurvedic medicine.

Drakshasva is a really healthy tonic that can cure the digestive problems from its roots. The best thing about Ayurveda is that it cures the health issue from its roots and also makes your strong from inside. We all know that medicines or drugs are not a good option but still, we use them because they are prescribed by the doctors, easily available and give instant relief. True that Ayurveda is a slow treatment option but this is also true that it is one of the best, safe and effective treatment options that give you more health benefits than medicines. If you want a better health and digestive system, you need to switch to Ayurveda.

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